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    Wriggly Tin: An Update

    24 March, 2018

    Hello! Remember me? I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post: as you may have heard me explain on Instagram Stories a few days ago, things have just been so hectic here lately that I haven’t had any time at all to write. I had hoped to publish a piece about celebrating spring today, but life has (once again) had other plans and it’s still sitting half-finished in my journal – a collection of hurriedly scribbled notes amongst pages of ever-lengthening ‘to do’ lists and scattered ideas.

    I will get back to blogging regularly again soon, I promise, but for the time being I thought I would pen a quick update on all things Wriggly Tin, as quite a few of you have been asking about our plans.

    If you don’t already know, Jack and I are moving to Hampshire in May to live and work at Wriggly Tin Shepherd’s Huts. We’d been planning to rent out our house here in Banbury and build ourselves a tiny home at the campsite, but now, for several fairly uninteresting reasons, we’re going to be keeping the house and splitting our time between the two places.

    We’ll be based at the huts full time during the week, heading home every Saturday afternoon. To help pay the bills, I’ll be continuing to work at Objects of Use on Sundays (there’s a chance Jack may be joining me) and then on Monday morning we’ll be back off to Hampshire again.

    It sounds a little complicated, but I actually couldn’t be happier with this new arrangement: not only does it allow me to maintain a connection with the shop, but we also get to enjoy the home we’ve been so carefully crafting for the past two years. After all that time living amongst dust and debris, I’d been starting to feel quite sad at the thought of leaving it just as things are taking shape. We may look into AirBnB rental during the week, as lots of people seem to travel to Banbury for work, but we’ll see.

    The biggest change to our plans, though, is that we’re no longer going to be building a tiny house at Wriggly Tin… to try and save some money, we’ve decided to live in our canvas tent instead! Most of our friends and family have responded to this news with varying degrees of alarm (I haven’t even told my Grandma yet), but we have some pretty grand ideas and I think everyone’s going to be pleasantly surprised when we’re done setting up camp. The adventurer in me can’t wait to take on the challenge of creating a cosy space that’s practical enough for everyday living: needless to say, I already have a Pinterest board bursting with small space design tips and off-grid hacks.

    So that’s it, really! In five weeks’ time we’ll be packing our bags and heading for the huts, and we couldn’t be more excited. I’ve so appreciated all your kind words of encouragement so far, and I’m really looking forward to taking you along on the journey with me. I hope lots of you will even come to stay…

    I’ll be back writing again in April (honest) but, until then, happy spring!

    Maddy xo

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    Wriggly Tin: An Update