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    A Letter From America (Almost)

    13 June, 2018

    Hello, lovely friends.

    As I write this, Jack and I are 40,000 feet up in the air somewhere over Saskatchewan, Canada.* In between movies, we’ve been gazing out of the window at vast expanses of frozen sea and the snow-capped mountain wilderness of southern Greenland, and within an hour or so we’ll be crossing over into American skies when Alberta gives way to Montana. Our ultimate destination is California, where we’ll be picking up a rental car from Oakland airport and beginning a five week adventure that will take us down the coast to Monterey then onto Los Angeles, back up north to San Francisco via Yosemite National Park, and finally over the Pacific Ocean to the Hawaiian island of Kauai to see my beautiful cousin get married.

    (* And now, as I hit publish – at 6:30am UK time having been awake since 5am yesterday – we’ve safely arrived in Monterey! Hence the photograph below, taken when coming in to land over San Francisco bay earlier this evening.)

    I know I haven’t been good at posting regularly here of late, and I’d been hoping to fix that over the last few weeks. But, as we all know only too well, sometimes life gets in the way…and often that’s actually no bad thing. Living life to its fullest is what it’s all about, after all. It’s taken much more time and energy than I expected to adjust to our new routine at Wriggly Tin, and I’ve been busy making arrangements for my upcoming autumn retreat – as well as a few other exciting future plans. I’ve always wanted to ensure that the content I post here is of true meaning and value, so rather than succumbing to the temptation of penning something in haste, I’ve found myself continually putting my writing on hold in anticipation of the ‘right moment’. Needless to say, that moment has never arrived – until now, that is, whilst suspended among the clouds.

    Although it’s true that I’ve had little time to spare, I fear the perfectionist in me is at least partially to blame here, too. As much as I want each idea to be fully formed and each word to be chosen with care, I feel I need to reach some kind of compromise with myself in order to move forward in a sustainable way; I need to find a better balance. Fellow bloggers, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this: do you strive for perfection no matter how long it takes, or do you settle for less in the name of maintaining a consistent presence? And readers, what’s your preference? I’d be so interested to know.

    Either way, I thought long and hard about whether to work on the blog during our trip or whether to give myself permission to take a proper break and stop feeling guilty about my lack of posts. In the end I decided on the latter, as I know it will give me the space I need to reset my sails and adjust my course, ready to return to writing again in August with renewed clarity and purpose. What’s more, I feel it’s important to live by my own values – and to do that, I need to be able to soak up each moment in the true spirit of slow adventure.

    You’ll still be able to find me on Instagram, where I’ll no doubt be struggling to work out how to make the visual leap from moody English countryside to sun-drenched beaches. (Though in all honesty, we’re likely to spend ten minutes on the sand before I get burnt, we both get bored, and we high-tail it to the redwood forests.) I hope you’ll enjoy following our journey over there, and that you’ll meet me back here on our return to read the tales of our travels.

    Until then, wishing you all a wonderful start to the summer!

    With love, as always,

    Maddy xo

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    A Letter From America (Almost)

    • Sarah says:

      Hello Maddy, in answer to your question, as a reader I quite like reading “imperfect” blogs, or not fully formed ideas. It can can be interesting, more relatable and helpful to see someone else having the same thoughts/questions as you and also not having an answer or a perfect bow to wrap it around.l, in the form of a perfectly written blog post. Ive also found writing it down and getting out what’s taking up my thoughts often leads me to articulate it better next time or brings me a bit closer to clarity.

      • Maddy says:

        Thanks so much for your comment, Sarah! I totally agree – I find thinking things over on paper (or screen!) very helpful, too. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend 🙂 Maddy x