Hello, I'm Maddy.

I love woolly jumpers, rainy days and cosy gatherings. Undiscovered places, wild landscapes, starry skies and Earl Grey tea. That hopeful feeling that only comes with the start of either a new year or a new notebook. The smell of wood smoke. Sunday lunch.

I live in a little Victorian terraced house in north Oxfordshire with my greengrocer husband, Jack, and our small-but-mighty Border Terrier pup, Teddy. Together we’re crafting a simple life we love, inspired at every step by the changing seasons and a desire to tread softly on this beautiful world of ours.

It’s long been my belief that things worth doing should be done wholeheartedly. To me, that means I would always rather take the long way round: write with pen and paper, cook from scratch, camp, walk, choose handmade or locally-grown.

Within these pages you will find stories that seek to balance this idea of slow living at home with the sense of adventure that comes from exploring further afield - whether wandering far and wide, or finding joy in the everyday. Adventures come in many forms, and the greatest one of all can be found in discovering that it’s often the simplest of things that make us truly happy.