The Slow Adventure Club Christmas Party 2018

Turl Street Kitchen, Oxford
Saturday 8th December, 5-10pm

As you've no doubt realised by now, bringing together likeminded people who seek to tread a slightly different path in life is kind of my thing. It's the main purpose of my retreats, and something I try to do through my Instagram account too. When I was thinking about everyone I've met online over the last year or so, it became clear that many of those lovely people - many of you - are freelancers, creatives and small business owners working alone. Now don't get me wrong, there are many plus sides to not working in a traditional office: no fluoresecent strip lighting for a start, and no petty politics or water cooler gossip. But the downside is that there's also no real sense of community and, more specifically, no Christmas party. I mean, I know nobody misses the cheap wine and bad food, the embarrassing drunken antics of *that* colleague, or the sterile corporate venues...but what if there could be an alternative kind of gathering; a simple and beautiful affair for solo professionals and creatives to celebrate the festive season together? Well, here it is!

On Saturday 8th December from 5-10pm, you're warmly invited to join me at Turl Street Kitchen in central Oxford for drinks, a three course dinner prepared from the very best local, seasonal ingredients, and a live conversation between myself and the wonderful Fiona Barrows - creator of my favourite podcast, There Are Other Ways - on the theme of living life a little differently. It's set to be a deliciously festive evening with a community atmosphere and plenty of time to chat and connect with an intimate group of likeminded, inspiring and warmhearted women. I'd love to see you there!

To reserve your spot now, simply click here. Once you've filled out the booking form, payment instructions will be sent to you via email.

What's included


A glass of prosecco* on arrival

A conversation and Q&A with Fiona

A three course seasonal supper with wine*


*Non-alcoholic alternatives will be available on request

How to Book

Tickets are £80 per person, and can be booked here.